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SBJ in Landscape
New album out!
Architects of Harmonic Rooms Records(UK)

the dancer on the hill
(Quality 180g vinyl) Record/Vinyl + Digital Album + 2 Bonus tracks
Unfortunately, due to the swap of "Song of the Cordilleres" (to the bonus tracks) and "Brazil" to the B-side, on the back cover a small mistake has crept in: "Brazil" is played on the 12-string and "Song of the Cordilleres" on the 6-string.

"Each [track] projects a weightless grace, as though it's the air itself that is dancing."
- Bill Meyer, The Wire
"... this album proves, Basho-Junghans remains one of the most idiosyncratic, self-determined guitarists currently operating."
- Nick Jonah Davis
"Basho-Junghans plays with noble poise, although he sometimes relaxes into moments of relaxed repose - most notably on dreamy stargazing number 'Clear Night'."
- Louis Pattison, Uncut
"the solo guitar format will always be indebted to SBJ for being a ceaseless explorer and forming a legacy that will hopefully touch the hearts and minds of future generations of aspiring guitarists and musicians."
- Ryan McGregor
EPISODE No 1: The Harmonic Room Show: An Appreciation of Solo Guitar ft an interview with Steffen Basho-Junghans by Harry Wheeler
Review in All About Jazz by Mario Calvitti
Interview with Steffen Basho-Junghans: "Guitar Excursions into the Unknown" by Mario Calvitti
Review in Folkradio/UK by Glenn Kimpton

in Preparation:

The Virgin Orchestra No 1 (3CD-set), an excursion with a never tuned 12string guitar
and some more unreleased album projects.
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booking for UK dates
New Works on Paper added, The "Guitar Solos" - Series, inspired by a Fred Frith album and more works on paper
No 7 aus Guitar Solos - Serie
in Preparation: the exhibition project "I wanted to be...a landscape"

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