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Guitarist, Composer


Steffen Basho- Junghans, painter, guitarist, composer and free author, living in Berlin and Thuringia -one of the innovators and protagonists of the guitar- scene in East- Germany since the late '70s.

  • 1978 -co-founder of the folkband WACHOLDER/ solo-concerts since 1979
  • 1981 -father of the first GDR All-style Guitar-Festival in Potsdam, Initiator and organizer of various projects, workshops and festivals
  • 1984 -Organization and Direction of the All-style Guitar Festival in Berlin
  • 1986-1991 -Head of the Berlin Guitar-Center
  • 1991-1995 -2nd Chairman of PROFOLK,Germany
...Music on 6 & 12 strings, between "Folk-Western-Raga" & "Minimal-Trance-Folk" His visionary music on steelstring guitar is related to that of the late ROBBIE BASHO ,a raga-style on acoustic guitar, what he calls "Folk-Western Raga",with influences of the old TAKOMA-school (John Fahey, Leo Kottke,Peter Lang, or Ralph Towner, Egberto Gismonti, as well as influences of VINA & SAROD playing techniques, and goes up to very unusual soundexperiments and playing techniques on the acoustic solo guitar, exploring possibilities of the instrument.
- The real 12 string and open tuning master fascinates with unorthodox styles and sound-ideas,combining northamerican steelstring traditions, european classic, american indian, oriental, northern and fareastern influences and textures, celebrating archaic sounds of the steelstring 6 & 12, sometimes nearly hypnotic and orchestral, to express a wide range of emotions and colours.Playing techniques of Indian stringed instruments like Vina and Sarod were blended on Guitar with American Indian and Oriental scales and rhythms into atmospheric paintings.In his newer works he often uses uncommon playing techniques to develop new possibilities for his compositions like at "Landscapes in Exile" where he uses "wrong playing techniques" and "sounds of mistakes" as basic elements for the developement of the music, or he explores the possibilities of a new stringed, but still untuned 12string guitar - the result is the 3,5 hours long "Virgin Orchestra No 1".
Photo Steffen Basho-Junghans
SBJ with doublebottom 6 string, made by Eberhard Kreul,
Erlbach(The 1st double-bottom steelstring, custom made by Kreul,
according to Steffen's ideas )
main Guitars:
doublebottom 6 string, made by Eberhard Kreul, Erlbach
12 string Lakewood M18-12
12 string Bozo B80S-12
6 string Washburn Parlor R306

the guitars..

Steffen Basho-Junghans, Bozo B80S-12
ca 1989 with Bozo B80S-12
Steffen Basho-Junghans Lakewood M+18/12
2003 with Lakewood M-18/12
Steffen Basho-Junghans mit doppelbödiger Kreul
2007 with double-bottom 6string, made by Eberhard Kreul


related artists, main influences:
Robbie Basho | John Fahey | Leo Kottke | Peter Lang | Michael Gulezian | (the "old TAKOMA- school") | Ali Akbar Khan | S.Balachander |
American Primitive Raga and Folk Guitar | on Free Music Archive | on last fm | Cul De Sac | SBJ on wikipedia | on All Music | on soundcloud
Reviews see the Articles/Review sites

Special works for guitar:

  • THE VIRGIN ORCHESTRA No1 (October 1998)
  • -I.-Part 1-8
  • -II.-Part 9 -18
  • -III.-Part 19 -31
  • -IV(PS).-Part 32 -34
  • FILLING THE SKY (November 1998)
  • 100 BIRDS COURTING THE PHOENIX (Nov 1998)(on CD: Landscapes in Exile/2001)
    -Part a +b
  • LANDSCAPES IN EXILE (Nov 1998)(on CD: Landscapes in Exile)
    -Part I +II
  • WILD GEESE ALIGHTING ON THE SANDY SHORE(Nov 1998)(on CD:Landscapes in Exile)
    -Part a +b (+c -FLOWERY MOONLIGHT)
  • INSIDE (Jan 1999)(on CD: INSIDE/2001)
    -1st movement -2nd movement part a,b,c -3rd movement
  • ONE No1 (Feb 1999), Mantra for 1 finger (CD: Waters in Azure/2002)
    -Part a,b,c
  • AZURE No1- THE SUNTREADER (March 1999)(CD: Waters in Azure)
  • AZURE No2 (March 1999)- Part a,b,c,d,e
  • AZURE No3 (March 1999)
  • AZURE No4 (March 1999)- Part a,b,c
  • WATERS (March 1999)(CD: Waters in Azure)- Part a,b,c
  • INSIDE THE RAIN (March 1999)(CD: Waters in Azure)
  • OCEAN No1 (April 1999)
  • GREAT PLAINS LAMENT (06/ 1999)- Part I +II
  • WAITING SKIES (06/ 1999)
  • SEVEN BOOKS (06-09/ 1999)(on 2CDS: 7 BOOKS/2004)
    -I,II, III, IV, V, VI, VII
  • AZURE No 7 - No 12 (Feb 2000)
  • UNKNOWN MUSIC 1 (Feb 2001)
  • UNKNOWN MUSIC 2 (Feb 2001)
  • UNKNOWN MUSIC 3 (Summer 2003)
  • UNKNOWN MUSIC 4 (Autumn 2003)

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