Steffen Basho-Junghans
Blue Moment Arts
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  • -12 String Solo (MC/Blue Moment Arts 1989)
  • A)-Opener /Nur ein Moment/Funny und der Wind /Traumland (Basho- Suite)
  • B)-Manchmal /Franzl's Lächeln /Voices /Am Abend nach dem Fest /König Artus' letzter Abend
12 String Solo
  • -In Search of the Eagle's Voice (12str. g./5:02)
  • -Legend of Mount Shasta (6str. g./7:06)
  • -The Four Directions (12str.g./8:10)
  • -Sweet Silence (6str.g./3:51)
  • -Wild Horse Ramble (6str.G./4:00)
  • -Rolling Thunder (12str.g./5:54)
  • -Mighty Echoes (6str.g.,slide/4:14)
  • -Purple Mountain Raga (6str.g./10:12)
  • -Nightbird's Song (6str.g./3:56)
  • -The Moon Chant (6str.g./4:18)
In Search of the Eagle's Voice
  • -Fleur De Lis 1 (CD/Blue Moment Arts 1996- BMA004)
    ..A west- eastern divan; The music on these two albums opens the immortal poetic- philosophical garden with european, oriental and fareastern flavours, unusual moods, sounds and chimes, unfolding visions of vivid freshness not only for the guitar-- fan.
  • -Il Furioso (12 str.g./1:46)
  • -Omar Khayyam Garden (6str.g./11:17)
  • -Nuages d'Azur (12str.g./6:46)
  • -Little Flower Fantasy (6str.g./4:36)
  • -A Short Story (6str.g./2:47)
  • -Gudrun (6str.g./4:56)
  • -Classical Rites (12str.g./4:27)
  • -Song Of The River Princess (6str.g./5:50)
  • -Highlander 2 (6str.g./1:41)
  • -Camelot Fair (6str.g./6:06)
  • -Three Willows (12str.g.,slide/3:46)
  • -Chinese Rose (6str.g./4:20)
  • -Easter (12str.g./9:35)
Fleur De Lis 1
  • -Fleur De Lis 2 (CD/Blue Moment Arts 1996-BMA005)
  • -Bohemian Overture (12str.g./3:55)
  • -Little Water Suite (6str.g./6:49)
  • -Variations on van Gogh (12str.g./9:52)
  • -Springwalk (6str.g./3:28)
  • -Highlander 1 (6str.g./1:37)
  • -Fantasia de Catalunya (12str.g./4:44)
  • -The Golden Sumsaidad (6str.g./8:23)
  • -Lotus Interlude (12str.g./4:21)
  • -Friedersdorfer Walzer (12str.g./5:07)
Fleur De Lis 2
  • -Song of the Earth (CD/Sublingual Records /USA 2000)
    continuing the visions of "In Search..." with acoustic steelstring guitar (6&12) solos
  • -The Grand Entry(12)
  • -Red in the Rainbow(6) 
  • -Song of the Earth(6)
  • -Sweet Moonlight Revelation(6)
  • -The Gates of Delight(6)
  • -Warrior's Lullaby(6)
  • -Silent Skies(12)
Song of the Earth
  • -INSIDE (CD/The Strange Attractor's Audio House/USA 2001)
    solo acoustic guitar performance, using the microcosmic universe of an instrument
  • -1st Movement
  • -2nd Movement Part 1, 2, 3
  • -3rd Movement
  • -Landscapes in Exile (CD/Blue Moment Arts 2001- BMA006)
    solo acoustic guitar performance, using the microcosmic universe of an instrument
  • -Filling The Skies (12str.slide g./7:45)
  • -Hundred Birds Courting The Phoenix a+b (
  • -Landscapes In Exile I (6str.g./17:06)
  • -Landscapes In Exile II (6str.g./7:18)
  • -Wild Geese Alighting On The Sandy Shore a+b (
  • -Flowery Moonlight (
Landscapes in Exile
  • -Waters in Azure (CD/The Strange Attractor's Audio House-SAAH005/USA 2/2002)
    an album related to structure, space and state - both in Nature and Artworks ö- an album of Sound Sculptures or being "Inside" (Soloworks for Steelstring)
  • -Waters, Part I-III (12str.slide g./5:54, 7:42, 2:59)
  • -Inside the rain (12str.g/8:24)
  • -ONE No1, Part I-III (6str.g./7:51, 5:04, 2:39)
  • -AZURE No1 (The Suntreader) (6str.g./11:10)
Waters in Azure
  • -Rivers and Bridges (CD/The Strange Attractor's Audio House-SAAHCD010/USA 2/2003)
    The album mood is like a remembering a day in the life of the river, the flow, the city - with pictures, moods, rhythms, tales, memories. Everything is coming and going; You can't hold anything - only the remembrance...
  • -The River Suite (6str.g./21:58)
  • -Hear the Winds coming (6str.g/4:49)
  • -The Takoma Bridge Incident (12str.g./17:23)
  • -Rainbow Dancing (12str.g./3:52)
  • -Autumn II (6str.g./5:08)
  • -Epiloque (6str.g./2:41)
Rivers and Bridges
  • - 7 BOOKS (2CD/The Strange Attractor's Audio House -SAAHCD2021)
    A double CD, a work of 7 pieces for solo 12 string guitar; a vision of birth and evolution, from the first entry of the universe to modern days. It features associating poems by Cheyenne poet Lance Henson His poetry, written during late Summer 2001 and the following Winter, speaks from a very personal place; It is like opening a personal "time window" in the stream. Music and poetry can be a very singular discovery.
  • CD 1 (12str.gtr):
    -I (18:21), II (22:40), III (14:47)
  • CD 2 (12str.gtr.,slide):
    -IV (12:21), V (19:50), VI (6:33), VII (7:38)
  • - UNKNOWN MUSIC I - Alien Letter (CD/ Sillyboy /Italy)
    (12string improvisations) is the 1st project of a series of guitar 'excursions into the Unknown', most of them dialogues with one guitar, recorded live and pure (in my living room) to dat and edited gently. Kind of personal diary.(12str.gtr):
  • -I , II , III , IV , V , VIa , VIb , VII , VIII , IX , X

  • - UNKNOWN MUSIC II - Transwarp Meditation (CD/ Preservation /Australia)
    (12string improvisations) is the 2nd project of the guitar 'excursions into the Unknown',12string guitar works also, but a different guitar.(12str.gtr):
  • -I, Out of the Time, III, IV, V, Nothing, but nice, VIII,

  • - In the Morning Twilight (CD/ Kning Disk KD007/Sweden)
    -live 25th July 2005 Hagateatern Göteborg/Sweden
  • -In the Morning Twilight (6str.g.)
  • -(Excerpt) from 7 Books (I-II) (12str.g)
  • -Last Days of the Dragons (6str.g.)
  • -Charlette (6str.g.)
  • -Wild Horse Ramble (6str.g.)
  • -(Excerpt) Waters I-III (12str.g.)
In the Morning Twilight
  • - Last Days of the Dragons (CD/ Locust Music USA 08/2006)
  • -The Immortal Chimes (Azure No12) (12str.g./6:31)
  • -A Lost Moment (6str.g/3:03)
  • -Days of the Dragons (6str.g./13:23)
  • -A Secret Song (6str.g./5:30)
  • -Dance of the Young Spirits (12str.g./5:00)
  • -Southern Crossing (6str.g./16:40)
  • -And only the Stars know... (6str.slg./3:35)
  • -The End's Waltz (12str.g./1:38)
Last Days of the Dragons
  • - Late Summer Morning (CD/ Strange Attractors USA 10/2006)
    an album about that transcendental time in late Summer, with the special light, these special colours and scents, when the sky colours the earth and every noise is like music...
  • -Late Summer Morning (6str.g./22:21)
  • -In a Secret Garden (6str.g./5:11)
  • -Woodland Orchestra (12str.g./8:07)
  • -Sky Dreamer's Gold (6str.g./4:43)
  • -Azure No 3 (6str.g./5:51)
  • -Northern Winds (12str.g./6:12)
Late Summer Morning
  • - 'IS' (LP/ Architects of Harmonic Rooms & Records/ UK - Nov2009)
    Side A)
  • -When The Plains are Singing (6str.g.slide/18:36)
  • -Changes (12str.g./10:37)
    Side B)
  • -Azure No 8 (12str.g./10:13)
  • -Leaving Eden (12str.g./4:41)
  • -..and like Wind we go (6str.g.slide/4:08)

  • - Unknown Music V/'O Som Naha'- A hardcore meditation (MC/ Beartown Records/ UK - Nov2009)
  • -Part 1 - 9b (6str, 2 plastic bottles)

Unknown Music V/O Som Naha
  • - The Dancer on the Hill (LP/ Architects of Harmonic Rooms & Records/ UK - Nov2020)
    Side A)
  • -Rainbow Dancer (12str.g./ 2:57)
  • -Raga Peru (6str.g./ 8:07)
  • -The Dancer on the Hill (12str.g./ 5:50)
  • -Dancing Mountains II (6str.g./ 3:27)
    Side B)
  • -Brazil (12str.g./ 3:42)
  • -Southern Dance (6str.g./ 3:06)
  • -Eagle Dreaming (12str.g./ 7:51)
  • -Clear Night (12str.g./ 4:49)
    Bonus Tracks (download)
  • -Dancing Mountains III (6str.g./ 5:34)
  • -Song of the Cordilleres (6str.g./ 7:33)
The Dancer on the Hill

SBJ appears on:

156 strings
156 Strings - Nineteen Totally Original Acoustic Guitarists
You Can Never Go Fast Enough
You Can Never Go Fast Enough
(Cuneiform /USA 2002)
Duck Baker, SBJ, Raoul Bjorkenheim, Jean-Paul Bourelly, Nels Cline, Janet Feder, Fred Frith, Michael Gulezian, Richard Leo Johnson, Mike Keneally, Peter Lang, Scott McGill, Shawn Persinger is Prester John, Rod Poole, Gyan Riley, Miroslav Tadic, Richard Thompson, U Tin, Henry Kaiser
(Plain recordings/USA 2003)
2LP / CD
Sandy Bull,Alan Licht & Will Oldham, Alvarius B., SBJ, Calexico, Wilco, Mark Eitzel & Marc Capelle, Roscoe Holcomb, Suntanama, Giant Sand,Charalambides, Leadbelly, Sonic Youth, Cat Power, Roy Montgomery
(Ozella Music/Germany 2003)
Dago & Angua Crash, Rolf Beydemüller, String Unit, Jens Kommnick, SBJ, Marcus Doneus, Michael Christof Schmitt, Gerold Kukulenz, Frank Fröhlich & Andreas Böttcher, Marcus Reuter, Morscheck & Burgmann, Dagobert Böhm


Yeti Two

Yeti Three

( Locust Music USA 06/2003)
"..Germany's Steffen Basho-Junghans, Seattle's Sir Richard Bishop (the Sun City Girls) ,Japan's Tetuzi Akiyama and Virginia's Jack Rose (Pelt) give us a fresh look at a very old instrument...
( Yeti Publ.LLC USA 2003)
- Silent Skies II (12str.g.)- Lagoon Fantasy (6str.g.)
( Yeti Publ.LLC USA 2005)
- Rondo (6str.g.)

vol 1

A Raga for Peter Walker


( Tre Lune Music Italy 03/2006)
Forastiere, Luis Salinas & Tomatito, Alex De Grassi, Sergio Altamura, Dominic Frasca, Peter Finger, Jordi Bonell & Dani Perez, Don Ross, Michele Ascolese, Billy McLaoghlin, Vicence Solsona, Del Vezeau, Franco Morone, Beppe Gambetta & Glen Moore, Mats Hedberg & Christer Häggner, SBJ, Antonio Forcione
( Tompkins Square USA 2006)
+ Peter Walker, James Blackshaw, Greg Davis, Shawn David McMillen, Thurston Moore, and Jack Rose
( Tompkins Square USA 2008)

( Hipshot Records Italy 2007)
The WIRE sagt " cannot help but be overwhelmed by the consistently high quality of the submissions. Together the three volumes add up to a comprehensive sampler of the seemingly infinite possibilties offered by contemporary guitar music. The set's sincere celebration of musicianship and imagination is hard to dismiss, and even harder to find elsewhere." (Joseph Stannard-The Compiler)

( Idiosyncratics Belgium 2007)

Open Strings(4LPs/2CDs)
...Improvisation 6 (12str.g.)

We Are All One, in the Sun
We Are All One, In The Sun
( Important Records USA 2010)

Basket full of Dragons
Basket full of Dragons
(Obsolete Recordings USA 2016)


Listening Room:


..complete tracks: (mp3, 128kbps, 44,1 kHz)

- short samples (mp3)...

  • In Search of the Eagle's Voice:
    Sweet Silence
    Nightbirds Song
  • Fleur De Lis 1:
    Classical Rites
    A Short Story
  • Landscapes in Exile:
    100 Birds courting the Phoenix, part 2

  • (In Search of the Eagle's Voice)
    Mighty Echoes
    Legend of Mt.Shasta
  • (Song of the Earth)
    The Grand Entry
    Red in the Rainbow
  • (Landscapes in Exile)
    Hundred Birds Courting The Phoenix, part1

    Wild Geese Alighting On The Sandy Shore, part2

  • (Waters in Azure)
    Azure no1
    One no1
  • (Rivers and Bridges)
    River Suite
    Autumn II


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