Blue Moment Arts
Steffen Basho-Junghans

kleines Hörtheater


Die Hasenburg
Once there was a dark sky, moulding clouds were assembling around the hills head;
the birds stopped singing,
the last echoes of daily noises were flowing away through an empty space and there was Immortality:
     the Earth was in waiting!


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  • The Grand Entry, Red in the Rainbow (Song of the Earth)
  • Hundred Birds Courting The Phoenix, part1, part2, Wild Geese Alighting On The Sandy Shore, part2 (Landscapes in Exile)
  • Azure no1 , One no1 (Waters in Azure)
  • River Suite, The Takoma Bridge Incident, Autumn II (Rivers and Bridges)

(mp3, 128kbps, 44,1 kHz)


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