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The main parts of this site are going around some of the oldest majesties of the plucked string instruments like the RUDRA VINA (BIN)of North- & the SARASWATI VINA of South India, the slide- opposites : The VICHITRA VINA & CHITRA VINA (GOTTUVADYAM), The North Indian Lute SAROD and the Arabic OUD. There are many other Links to sites about Classical Oriental and Asian Music to see these instruments inside their cultural traditions. When the author started this discovery many years ago, a great portal was opened.

  • INDIA......

    Open Directory - Regional: Asia: India: Arts and Entertainment:
    Khazana:India Arts Online - Bronze Castings, Paintings, Indian
    Northwest Branch of The Theosophical Society...The Sacred Vedic Verse...
  • Hindustani Music of the North

    Music India OnLine Hindustani- Instrumental
    North Indian Classical: Dhrupad/Vina(
    Encyclopædia Britannica Classical Music of North India..
    Ali Akbar College of Music
    Hindustani Classical Music North Indian Classical: Dhrupad
    Hindustani Raga list
    Classical Indian Tuning Systems and Scales by Todd Ingalls
    The Raga Guide - the structure of more than 70 Ragas
    Music Masala..
    NIKHIL BANERJEE -Interview -New York-November 9, 1985
  • Indian Classical Music

  • Indian Music Bibliography
    Music India OnLine
    Music India OnLine - Classical- The Ultimate Indian Music Resource
    Encyclopędia Britannica | article page
    Links to Indian music sites
    Indian Classical Music Forum - Carnatic & Hindustani
    Rootsworld/Asian Sub-continent: India, Pakistan,
    Veena - Info/FAQ's from The Ethnic Musical Instrument Company TM
    ...An Introduction to Indian Classical Music by B. Chaitanya Deva
    Indian Classical Music
    Indian Classical Music/Great Masters
    Carnatic Music - Recs & Disc(
    Indian Classical Music Forum -Carnatic & Hindustani
    All India Site - Music & Dance Index
    Makar Records : the ultimate guide to Indian classical music
    Webindia About the Academy :India Music ,indian classical
    Country Music From Another Country
    Music in Indien (german site)
    Sunil Mukhi's Indian ClassicalMusic Page...Non-commercial links Classical Music of India...
    Some Links on Indian Classical Music
    Indische Musik-Links (german site)
  • Carnatic Music of the South

    Khazana: South Indian Classical Music PART I of IV...
    Music India Online Carnatic Music - south indian classical music
    List of Carnatic Ragas
    Koelmusic Carnatic Instrumental Recordings
    Music India OnLine - Gayathri Veena - Suryanarayanan, R. K.
    Mohan's Carnatic Central
    From Yazh to Guitar - an overview

  • The plucked Instruments

    Musical Instruments. Vitchitra veena, Saraswati veena, Rudra veena, vina.
    Veena,musical instrument
    UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World...INDIA NORTH INDIA, INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Rudra Veena, Vichitra Veena, Sarod,...
    Shiva: Dances...the Gods. Saraswati plays on the vina, Indra plays the flute, Brahma has...

    The Masters

    Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar-
    Ustad Asad Ali Khan-
    Shamsuddin Faridi Desai-
    Baha'ud'din Mohiuddin Dagar-
    Zahid Khan Faridi Desai-

    RudraVina - Indian stick zither
    Khazana Musical Instruments of India - Bin
    Traditional Records Discography - file 1...D 8021 Musique Instrumentale Rudra Vina, Vichitra Vina...


    Dhadkan-Vichitra Vina
    Vichitra Veena - Musical Instruments of India Series-RagaNet Issue #6
    UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World...INDIA NORTH INDIA, INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Rudra Veena, Vichitra Veena, Sarod,...
    Hindustani instrumental recordingsVichitra Vina
  • SARASWATI VEENA Music - Saraswati veena - Origin and Associations Music - Saraswati veena - Major Exponents Music - Saraswati veena - Structure and Technique
    The Saraswati veena banis(makar-rec)
    Sudeep Audio VeenaLesson1
    Sudeep Audio VeenaLesson2
    V. DoreswamyIyengar
    Sruti - Internet Edition - Spotlight...hall instrument. Mysore Doreswamy Iyengar (1920-1997)...
    BIOGRAPHIES OF CARNATIC MUSICIANS...Iyer Veena Dhanammal, Mysore Doreswamy Iyengar, S. Balachander E....
    Bio SBalachander
    Bio SBalachander 2
    Padmabhushan Dr. S. Balachander
    S. Balachander on Pallavis
    PAGE 1Carnatic - VEENA Dr. S. Balachander Immortal Sounds of the... of Veena Veena: Dr.S.Balachander
    about...'carnatic music' led by Late Dr.S. Balachander...
    Anayampatti S Dhandapani,Balachander,Chitti Babu, Doraiswamy 5257 KALYANI Chitti Babu...
    Melodymakers-Music:carnatic...Balachander, Lalgudi G. Jayaraman,Chitti Babu, N. Ramani, etc....
    Shri GJR Krishnan...Sri K.V. Narayanaswamy , Sri ChittiBabu etc.
    Indian Melody : Carnatic Instrumental Music...Chitti Babu (Veena) Emani...
    Is concert in Veena excommunicated?.. Emani Sankara Sastri and Chitti Babu are the great Telugu...
    Jayanthi Ravikiran
    G Bennett Biodates
    Narayan Mani, Mumbai Carnatic Instrumental - Veena
    Welcome to the World of Carnatic Veena Music by Sujana Vadlamani (INDIA)
    Madrasnet Concert Hall - Instrumental.Veena.Artists.Brings you Film song


    The Chitravina
    The Chitravina - Chitravina N. RaviKiran
    Chitravina N. Ravikiran The Crown Prince of Carnatic Music
    Dhadkan /Gottuvadyam
    History of Sarod
    Sarod Gharanas
    Sitar and Sarod in the 18th and 19th Centuries.
    Hindustani - Sarod -
    Sarod..The Gharanas
    sarod The Sarode Gharanas of India, S. P. Bhattacharyya
    ...greatest living masters of the sarod
  • GUITAR (hindustani & carnatic)

    about History, Traditions, Developments:
    Early Steel
    Hawaiian Steel
    Hawaiian Slide
    Brad's Page of Steel:Indian Slide
    Development of Slide Guitar Traditions-Intro to North Indian Traditiion/Early String Instruments
    Development of Slide Guitar Traditions-Intro to North Indian Tradition
    Development of Slide Guitar Traditions-Intro to North Indian Traditiion Conclusion
    indian guitar tabs forum
    South Indian Vina Music for Guitar
    The Scalloped Fretboard Guitar
    about Artists:
    Elderly Instruments Recordings - Slide & Bottleneck Guitar
    Folker!- 6-2000 HInd.SlideGuitar Review (German)

    Mandolin U.Shrinivas

  • ...Artists...

    Gayatrisankar, performer for Carnatic Vocal and Violin
    ...Gayatrisankar, Disciple of Padmashri Lalgudi Sri.G.Jayaraman
    Rose Muralikrishnan Carnatic Music vocalist
  • Music - Recs & Discs

    Makar Records
    Raga Records Home Page

    Raag: Indian Music - Classical, Carnatic, Hindustani, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu,
    ...Tabla Sitar Shehnai Rudra Veena Guitar, Mohan Vina, Bottleneck...
    Raag: Indian Music - Classical, Carnatic, Hindustani, Hindi, Tamil, Telu
    Raag:Carnatic Music-Veena
    Raag: Hindustani Instrumental
    Khazana CD Catalog - Main Page
    Ali Akbar Khan & AMMP
    Carnatic Music - Recs & Disc(
    Carnatic Music on CDs...1572 Maestro's Choice - V. Doreswamy Iyengar ...
    Khazana CD Catalog...Chitra Chitravina N. Ravikiran Chitti Babu Chogyal Namkhai Norbu...
    World Music CDs...library)Chitti Babu: the art of vina....
    The Rediff Music Shop - India's No. 1 Online Music Store -Indian Classical Music in Germany
    All India Radio -- Home Page
    Music India OnLine  

  • Links to other sites about Asian/Oriental Music

    Japanese Music
    China: Classical Music
    Asian Classical Music MP3 Home Page
  • Middle-eastern Classical Music

    Encyclopædia Britannica ...and 'Abbasid dynasties:classical Islamic music
    Arab and Turkish Classical Music
  • OUD

    Oud Home Page
    Ud Web - Oud Web
    The Oud

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