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Steffen Basho-Junghans

(Artist, Guitarist, Composer)

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Music on 6&12 Strings/ Folk-Western-Raga/ "Minimal-Trance-Folk"
SBJ von D.Korth
I wanted to be...a landscape
(Artist, Guitarist, Composer)




    'IS' Vinyl 'IS' (Architects of Harmonic Rooms & Records/ UK - Nov/24/2009)
    ‘IS’ is the first full-length UK release by the long playing six and twelve steel string master on a 200gram super deluxe heavy weight Vinyl that comes with a free digital download.
    ...A really nice review: wasistdas
    O Som Naha/Unknown Music V MC O Som Naha (..Beartown Records/ UK - 2009) special cassette edition

    ...Recorded over the course of two days in 2000 with an acoustic guitar and two plastic bottles, “O Som Naha” sees the eclectic German musician at his most minimal. Basho-Junghans employs a strict metronome-like percussive pulse throughout the course of the recording. Precise scrapes dart back and forth over the stereo spectrum and most sounds seem decidedly non-guitar. It’s amazing what Basho-Junghans accomplishes with such a limited sonic palette; this release is also subtitled “A Hardcore Meditation”, which is fitting as the recording is both challenging and introspective at the same time... (Kirk Van Husen/foxy digitalis)... see reviews
  • SBJ appears on:

  • VA- We Are One, In The Sun: A Tribute To Robbie Basho (Important Records/USA 2010)  
  • in Preparation:

  • The Virgin Orchestra No 1 (3CD-set), an excursion with a never tuned 12string guitar

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Yellow Moon
from Rocky Mtn.Raga III
  • New Works on Paper added, The "Guitar Solos" - Series, inspired by a Fred Frith album

    No 7 aus Guitar Solos - Serie
  • in Preparation: the exhibition project "Rocky Mountain Raga"

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    Robbie Basho Archives here!
    Fred Gerlach
    August,26 1925 – December,31 2009 here!

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